Thursday 24 December 2009

Christmas Menu

I spent the day in the kitchen today, preparing Christmas fare.  We will be eating, sleeping, reading and swimming tomorrow.  Preparation is the key for relaxation.  How smart am I?

On the Christmas Menu:

Lunch: Potatoe salad (chats, mayonnaise, chives, spring onions and crispy bacon), BBQ Porterhouse steak, grilled chicken and seven layer salad (mayonnaise, eggs, crispy bacon, lettuce, avocado, cheese, garden peas).

Dinner: Warmed slices of duck on a circular bed of pan fried potato medallions, clothed in green oakleaf lettuce with a large (side) salad of cherry tomatoes, snow peas, asparagus, avocado, cos, roasted macadamia nuts and walnuts with an orange dressing.

Mini chocolate Christmas cakes with chocolate sauce, topped with holly and berries (green and red winegums, cut into shape)

Trifle:  chocolate sponge (leftovers from the mini chocolate Christmas cakes) soaked in sweet wine and marsala, cherry compote, pitted cherries, custard, cream.

Ooops! What was that?

Another three kilograms have just crept up on me...


Auld Baw Face said...

The menu sounds great. Hope you all have a nice Christmas and a happy new year

Ken Devine said...

Hi Helen
That was a day well spent. It sounds absolutely fantastic. Don't forget to set a space for visitors from England...we'll come a long way for such treats.

Have as good a day as is promised and more besides.

@eloh said...

Oh my, that is a lot of work... I know all will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And thank you so much fo that link/video... I did get to see the first of them back in the '70s..overseas.

Merry Christmas Helen to you and your lovely family.

JPT said...

It all sounds good to me!


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....