Sunday 27 December 2009

Boxing Day Blues

We went to see Sherlock Holmes tonight.  I couldn't hear much, because there was a young (probably 12 year old) boy behind me, who was giving his friend a running commentary on the film.  I couldn't get mad with him, 'cos he was so carried away, and didn't even see me turn around and glare at him.  His friend was trying to keep it low, and a couple of young girls smiled shyly.  That will make it two Christmas movies so far, the other one being Avatar, which we all loved.

I fear that the Machinist is growing weary of all the constant care needed for Bobby.  I've started to help him now, to encourage him to keep on just a while longer, as Bobby gets stronger.  We have a sort-of routine for him, but who, pray, can ever be prepared for their pet being bitten by a deadly snake?  Bobby is moving around more and more and peeing a lot.  We have to wrap a disposable nappy around his middle, then pull on pantihose to keep the nappy on.  We both chuckle as we do this.  Gotta keep it light...

The rain has been falling steadily for two days now.  Everybody is loving the cooler weather.  Even the spiders.  They're coming inside, despite our efforts of pest control.  Sam found a huge white-tail spider on the corridor ceiling.  "Make sure you kill it, won't you?" I asked him.

"Of course I will mom".

My point of view is this:  when I venture out towards the creek, or through the paddocks, I expect to see all types of Australian wildlife.  Creatures of all shapes and sizes and toxins.  But woe betide when they venture into my home and garden. 

I teased the Machinist that after 16 years of country living, I was good and ready for city dwelling.

We all know that's not true, but I am fed up with creeping and crawling things.  There was even a couple of snails stuck to the side of the front door to greet us earlier this evening.  While I dislike this type of invasion, I can't bare to kill them either.  The Machinist has no mercy, knocking them down and crunching them....

Everybody is extremely tired.  I think we all need a holiday from a holiday. We've lived in a blur this past week.  I actually look forward to the dust and grime of the Shop, which starts on Monday. How can you truly 'rest', when, at the back of your mind, there's so much to do?  So much potential?


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hope you get some much needed rest, and hope Bobby continues to get better.

I don't like creep crawlies inside either.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

English Rider said...

Sorry to hear you dog was bitten. On a practical note, I had a special wrap for a recent male foster dog prone to marking in the house. It consisted of a length of fabric with elasticated sides and velcro to fasten on his back. It went under his tummy/pee-pee section and held incontinence pads or maxi-pads in place. He still peed but no harm, no foul. Change pads as needed. I think they sell them at pet stores but it would be very easy to make.

a Bohemian Market said...

Hi Helen:
I hope Bobby feels much better quickly. no poisonous snakes here just the garden variety here.
I hope your holidays are merry and the coming New Year all that you need and want it to be!!!
I bet Sherlock Holmes was good; Johnny Depp is a super actor

French Fancy... said...

Looking after a sick animal is very wearying and I wish you all well. It's a worry to live somewhere with so many of the crawling things that would make me feel a trifle anxious. You are doing a good job of coping though and you'd probably miss it if you left

Anyway Helen - have a lovely end to a not so lovely week and I hope that 2010 sees you and the gang - animal and human - avoiding all problems

Miss Melissa said...

Awwww Helen i feel so sorry for poor bobby! :( How sad to see your pets in such pain and misery. No fun! I hope he gets better really soon! Hope you guys had a great Christmas. :) Would love to see you again sometime when your in town next! Let me know ok if you can? :)
Have fun working at the shop! I cant wait till it opens. Hehe

Ken Devine said...

Hi Helen
The two films you mention are the very two we'll see in the next week or so.

I enjoyed reading this post and I look forward to how you cope with what 2010 throws at you. I know it won't all be good but I sense you will all come out of it stronger.

Like Melissa and so many others, I can't wait for the shop to open either!

Batteson.Ind said...

Sorry to hear about your dog! I often wonder how anyone sleeps soundly in Oz.. everything there seems to want to kill you, or at least is capable of doing so, is the general rule of thumb "don't touch anything"?, lol..
Here's wishing you an excellent new years, and hoping your old dog gets back to form asap.. cheers!

Vera said...

I hope you manage to find some rest before you start work again. But I know what you mean about not being able to rest because 'there is so much to do, so much potential'. We are the same here. I find it hard to stop and look at what we have here because there is so much to do. I feel like I'm on a continuous working holiday! Blessings to you and your family, and your wounded animal.

JPT said...

Happy New Year to you.

Michael said...

WEll, sorry bout the movie experience adn all but I do hope you have a very happy new year!!


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