Thursday 4 February 2010

Doggy Day Care

We're still taking the puppies to the Grand's Day Care for Doggies each morning.  Soon, and hopefully sooner than later, we would like to fit protective wire around the court yard, so that they can play outside in their own garden without the threat of Sneaky Pete reptiles. We still haven't found the snake, but we know he's out there somewhere.  Some of us are 'game' to hang our washing on the line, but I'm not.  Not yet.  Until there's a capture, or a confirmation of death, via a rotting smell, I really don't want to venture out there, and truth be told - I MISS my garden.

I have a suspicion that the puppies won't want to sleep outside anymore anyway.  They have been spoiled with extra fuss and attention; the Grands even play ball with them, and feed them treats.  They won't admit that they feed them treats, but we know they do! Especially when their evening meals are only half-eaten.  The young puppies start looking for places to snuggle around 9pm and one sleeps on Sarah's bed:

Pepi - Sarah's puppy

 and the other, gasp, - on ours. 

Lilly - Sam's puppy

"When did we change, Babe?" the Machinist asks. "There was a time that we wouldn't allow the dogs in the house, never mind on our bed..."

The Ragamuffins at play

Looking after young uns' is tiring and it makes you hungry and thirsty.  Polly enjoys the refreshment bar:

And Bobby joins her... Check out his knobbly, rough elbows. 

And Miss Blossom, the Grand's baby feels rather left out.  "Where are the days when I got to play ball with my momma ALONE?"

Oh mercy! As if I haven't enough to do, here I sit blogging about the canines.  It's a good job the Machinist keeps me busy during the day.  As you can read here . 

(As I sit, the lights keep going off, then on.  Even the computer has shut down and opened up again.  It seems that there is a problem with Country Energy, and we have lost a phase.  The Machinist is like an anxious bear, checking lights, power, sound.  I'd better go and see if he needs help and pretend I'm interested...)


matron said...

The puppies are beautiful and look so playful.I love dogs,any breed,these little ones would suit me fine.My daughter keeps on at me to get a companion for Charlie as he misses Oscar,the wolf hound that died,I think she is right.Hope you find that snake soon.!!

ADRIAN said...

Odd isn't it here am I thinking it a rare treat to see a snake and you avoiding them. Aren't yours shy? I know they are deadly, ours aren't of course which makes a big difference.
Lovely wee dogs, congratulations to the mum.

French Fancy... said...

Lovely dogs and I'm all for letting dogs sleep in the house (and on our beds) - I don't know why anyone would want to keep them outside.

Great pictures

@eloh said...

I also live with several "free range" vipers. People up North mostly just don't understand how folks in the South don't seem to mind.

I've heard it over and over... Northerners complain about their weather, but won't come South because of the vipers.

A little common sense keeps the venom outa the veins.

@eloh said...

AHHH, I should have added that a while back I had to live up North for a year and the "break" was heaven.

I did things I did as a kid, walked barefoot in the grass, took a blanket and lay in the yard at night and enjoyed the stars, and of course.... the big most exciting one.... went to the clothes line after dark... and it was wonderful.

Made more so I'm sure because we were doing very very forbidden things if we had been home in the South.

Vera said...

I think the doggies are lovely! But how not so good is the news that you still have a snake in residence. Hope it is caught soon so you can get back into your garden. Our fields are grassed now, and will have to be left to grow into mature grassfields so we can eventually graze animals. Which means snakes, adders at the very least. But at least our garden should be OK.
Hope your pie project is picking up a pace for you.

Helen said...

Matron, the puppies came together. They are sisters from the same litter. One is really playful and the other, really serious. They love their 'mad half hours' though. I agree with your daughter about a playmate for Charlie. It's interesting to see how they behave in a pack (as Caesar Milan says).

Adrian, I think because of the fact that our snakes are deadly makes them undesirable to be seen or 'harboured'. Yes, they are shy, apart from mating season in early spring, where the tiger snake is known to actually seek and destroy.

FF - I do like the dogs inside, but when I'm cleaning and organising, they get under my feet. Seeing as we don't have a doggy door, I have to remember to let them out, which I often forget to do, and the result is - I give myself more work!

Eloh, when you say 'vipers', it makes them sound extra scary - to me, anyway. I think if I lived in your country, I would stay up north. I love the colder weather, anyway. Regarding common sense, most of the snake bites are made when people mess with them, either to catch or tease them. Sometimes, though, when a snake is startled by a human, it is known to lurch (shudder), so we tend to tread heavily around the garden and when in the 'bush', as the snake can't hear, but senses vibration.

Vera - as of today 14 Feb, we still haven't found the snake so our routines are still upside down. Our village is surrounded by grassfields (paddocks) and the wild blackberry along the creek is getting out of hand. Do the snakes ever slither into your garden? do you have snake protective fencing?


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