Monday 22 February 2010

Hopalong Cassidy (ies)

Further to my post on cockroaches, what I failed to mention was the Machinist's accident.  Not a car accident, but rather - a trolley accident.  The Machinist had 'knocked together' a trolley with swivel castors, - strong and sturdy enough to manouvre the heavy fridges from the top floor of a Canberra Mall to the awaiting utility and trailer.  It was after hours and the only human life in the Mall were the auction staff, a few Mall staff and security guards, patrolling the different levels which were now closed to the public. 

The fridges were loaded, the hard work had been done and it was time to play.  Number One Son, Sam (our only son) was sitting on the trolley.  The Machinist had one leg on the trolley, and was scooting his son at top speed.  A voice was calling behind them in a broad Sri Lankan accent "Excuse me, excuse me, sir, you're not allowed to ride in the Canberra Centre".  The Machinist slowed down and Sam climbed off the trolley.  Not for long, though.  As soon as they turned the corner, it was back to tricks.  Scoot, scoot, scoot, then suddenly, a grinding halt, where the Machinist grabbed Sam's T shirt by the scruff of the neck, while his foot and lower leg acted as a human brake.  Somehow, the Machinist's non-scooting foot had slipped between the framework of the trolley and was completely bent backwards.

The Machinist informs me that only on few occasions  in his life has he recalled feeling such intense pain.  The result is a swollen and bruised foot, ankle and lower leg.  A recent addition to the site of the bruising are small, skin coloured itchy spots, which have now developed into a bright crimson rash.  It looks so, so -  nasty.  I googled "rash at the site of bruising" and was most interested to learn about the rush of histamine to the site of the trauma, leading to an allergic skin reaction - hence the rash.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My daughter, Emma, has had a swollen left foot for a couple of months now.  Due to the nature of her work, she is on her feet for most part of the day, and this offers no rest for her 'bad' foot, as well as her other foot, which has gone in sympathy to the left foot. Now her legs are aching.  She has been treated by an osteopath, and although this has offered some relief, there was increased swelling last week, so I took her to the Casualty department at our closest country hospital.  We're still awaiting some results, which have been sent to Emma's GP. 

The Grands had accompanied us to town, and after 4 hours (a quiet day) at the hospital, we met them at the food hall in the shopping centre.  Granny couldn't wait to tell us that a couple of her 'special people' were also in the mall.  (Granny's people = adults with mental disabilities.  Yes, up to two years ago, Granny was still doing respite care in her local community).  Granny's special friends ended up sitting with us while we ate a late lunch.  We  told them about our long wait at the Casualty department, and they nodded in agreement, offering their own waiting room experiences, as well as details on their own personal ailments.

Then suddenly, a booming voice from the table behind us, (another mentally disabled client of Granny's) asked

"What's wrong with her?"
"She's got a swollen foot"
"Tell her to elevate it"

Aahh... and this from the mentally disabled people who are oftentimes more 'with it' and normal than 'normal' people

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On greeting each other in the morning, the Machinist says "hello Clubfoot" and Emma replies "hello Scooterboy


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh dear me, I hope both of your woundeds heal quickly.


English Rider said...

anti-inflammatories rule!

Ken Devine said...

You just never know what's around the corner. Lets hope they are fit enough for the final push towards the grand opening...however long that might be!

Alex said...

It sounds so painful.

Helen said...

Flowerlady - They are both on the mend. The Machinist's histamine rash is fading slowly but surely. Emma's foot is on again off again, but she sees the doc today. Yay. About time.

English Rider - Aren't anti inflammatories the BEST? Within moderation of course. Hey do you think we could go concave with too many?

Ken, That's what I'm aiming for. Family health and fitness to get through the grand opening and thereafter. I suspect at least two years of really hard graft before relaxation.

Alex - it was so painful for the Machinist. He said to me "now I know what someone who gets shot feels like..."


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