Wednesday 16 February 2011

Melbourne Trip Day 1

We recently flew to Melbourne on an overdue, longed for and promised mini getaway.  Arriving early in the morning, we dropped off our bags at the hotel and took a tram over to Queen Victoria Market, housed under a massive awning type structure.  The Machinist just HAD to check out the welds, angles, ID and OD thicknesses, as well as comment on the magnificent radiuses used 'back in those days...."

I was there for the food, especially the cherries at $3.99 per kg.  We pay around $15 per kg in our neck o' the woods. (I sound like my mother).

While the girls were enthralled by artists and handsome thickset Kiwi men, the Machinist and I had a coffee here:

Later in the day, we took a taxi over to South Wharf and the Crown Casino, DFO shopping, dinner and movies (The Next Three Days)

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