Sunday 22 May 2016

Goodbye, Summer

Summer has gone.  Even these foxgloves look tired and worn out. You know what they're singing?  "Bend me, shape me, anyway ya want me...Long as ya love's all-right..."  Referring to the westerly summer winds, of course.  Oh, and the bees, that were giving them love.

See the brick edging?  These were recycled from an old chimney in our kitchen.  Young Acorn actually laid these bricks.  I'll wager, though, that she doesn't remember 'planting' a ten cent piece in the cement that holds the bricks upright.  She will probably hound me to show her when she reads this post, and I'll probably keep her guessing.  No egg hunt for her!  Just a ten cent piece hunt. Ha!

Two faithfuls: Snow in Summer and Ajuga.

Hold on.... What...?

Oh, it's Rowdy Rusty on his pogo stick.  He's hiding behind the Daphne.

Some of our pets are buried under these plants.  It's Pet Cemetery corner.

RIP faithful friends!

Ceramic chicks having a natter....

"Ya know, Mable... I'll be glad when this heat is over.. "
"You said it, Fred.  This sun will crack me up...unlike your corny jokes..."

The potted succulent cheer squad.


And so... summer really is over.

It's gone.

As is Sasha - the Family Cat.  She has vacated the front garden and now resides in the rear garden, where she now reigns over new territories AND a devoted canine.


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....