Sunday 22 May 2016

A Path Going Nowhere

A few years ago, we built our second workshop - the "Fabrication" Workshop on our village block, next to our house.  At the time, it was distressing for me, because (sigh...) there was the most amazing view from our back deck; a mountain range, paddocks, sheep, cattle, and a number of dead, but still majestic gum trees, holding their branch arms upward - towards the Heavens.  

Naturally, one's 'living' has to come before all of that, and so - I resigned myself to make the most of the situation.  The building of the workshop has created the most unexpected, yet delightful 'micro-climate' situation-type situation, and has provided a much needed and welcome wind break from the notorious westerly winds. 

It is Autumn now (a favourite of mine!) and this is what we planted on the weekend; a 20m garden bed - filled with perennials which runs alongside part of the workshop path. 

Note the plastic taped to the corrugated iron?  That's the Machinist for you.  "At least it will delay a little rust, Babe.  We won't have to bother about it for a few years..." 

The pieces of corrugated iron which retain the top path-to-be were salvaged from an old corrugated fence which had 'grown' there since - oh - 1950?

Before my time, anyway.

And with all good plants, come some healthy snails.

Confession:  I still CANNOT, to this day - kill a snail.  I cannot squash it.  I cannot bare the sound  of the crunching of it's home.  Instead, I throw them in the creek at the bottom of our property OR, if I'm pressed (is  that a pun?) for time, I will hurl them "elsewhere", without consideration (forced oblivion) to the fact that they will painstakingly slither back.

OR, I get Polly to eat them.

"Sluuurp...woof....thank-you, Mamma.  That was delicious"

Just kidding.  She would if I let her though.  This dog is STARVED.

I don't know why, but I get a pathetic sense of satisfaction and delight seeing these empty coloured pots - strewn haphazardly after planting.  I gently pull the plant from the pot, nestle it into the pre-dug hole and then toss them behind me, in a non-caring fashion (I've tripped on them later, too).

Newly formed steps leading from the garden to the side Exit door of the Fabrication Shop

This is how the plants looked after watering.  Can you see the willow tree branches hanging low, Sweet Chariot?  Can you also see that the path leads straight into a colour bond fence. It goes nowhere.  Unless, of course - one was to leap OFF the path, over the garden bed, and hit a sharp left turn into the barn.

Usually, I plant too many, too close.  I've really had to control myself on this garden project. The plantings are wider apart.

You're welcome, plants!

And again.... We'll cut the plastic when we apply the mulch.

And again... Wait!  What's that?  A wwwweeed.   It is poking through a hole in the old corrugated iron.  This weed sure knows where it's bread is buttered.  The Machinist and I both smiled and agreed that it was kind of nice the way it poked through there.  What tenacity!  (Of course I won't think the same way IF we allow it to live.  And grow.  And spread it's weed seeds.  

I feel faint at the thought of more weeding, so early in the (planting) game. 

Ok, then... I'm off to nip something in the bud....



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