Sunday 22 May 2016

When Baba Comes To Play

We raised our children in our family business.  We taught them to multi skill in all areas of life - home, work and play.  Nowadays, we are raising our children's children in the same manner.

On many occasion many people have asked if it is hard to live and work with family.  We've never known any other way, so it's just normal to us.

Nowadays, while the younger generation Mommy and Daddy work, another family member steps in to care for the little one.

A day at Mamma's house looks something like this:

"Mamma eat toast?"  (Vegemite Kid)

It's Hammer Time....erm....Puzzle Time

Bathing the ducks in the sink with a lot more foamy handwash  than shown here, while Mamma attempts to discipline her unruly hair with the help of 'Product', stored in the cabinet above.  (Anything for a quiet life...)

Helping Mamma peg out the washing.  (Every second peg was offered to Polly the silky terrier 'cos Baba knew she needed to chew on something.  Just like her own puppy, Dexy does at home)

Preparing the canvas for when we return from the Park.

The apparatus at our local oval.  In other words - the Park.  Every single activity on here has a name.

A young Aussie version of Zola Bud.  With shoes.

Climbing up "The Tube" and seeing Mamma's unruly hair - giving my hiding place away. (She's always onto me).

One of the many gum trees on our way home.

Lunch, a spot of painting, bot-bots and "Mamma Cot" awaiting....

Another day in Paradise....


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....