Friday 17 February 2017

A Random Day In The Life Of The Machinist's Wife

I had to return to the microsurgery hospital today, so that the surgeon could check on the status of wound healing, after a procedure on both eyelids.  This is the second time I've had small benign cysts of un-known origin removed from my eyelids.  It seems that I'm 'prone' to get them.  It pains me (yes!) that I may have to go regularly for blimp removal.  (I have this picture in my mind's eye of huge carbuncles with hairs sprouting out of them, weighing my eyelid down).  I know if I mentioned this to my daughters they would tell me not to be so dramatic.

Shhhhhhh....... don't tell them I thought that.

Then it was lunch at Ikea with Sarah and her baby, Lyla Melody (Sarah had offered for them to keep me company, in return for a few "keeping companies" I had done with them.  Not that it matters.  I would have gone with her to prenatal appointments anyway).

We made a pact that we would have lunch only; not wander around the rest of the store.  We were strong and stuck to our resolve.  Lyla was happy about that.  Any time is food time for her!

Because of our uncompromising will-power (jesting), we were able to leave within a reasonable time frame and move on to our next chore:  delivery of products to a customer on the other side of town. It was last on our errands list, and we were making good time (for us).  My plan was to return home,  (a 60km distance), then head in the opposite direction to visit my parents - the Grands.

I never made it in time to see the Grands before their scheduled dinner time.  I only made it to the TV lounge at home, put my feet up and started watching re-runs of "Tabitha's Salon Makeover".

I was awoken by the Machinist -

"....coming for a dip in the pool, Babe?  I've just got to scoop out some leaves and then she's ready to rock and roll....."

Oh the shame of being caught napping.


And later that evening "Babe, I thought you could do with being taken out.  I thought we could go and watch a movie.  How's about going to see The Wall.  I've been wanting to see that...."

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