Tuesday 14 February 2017

Mannequin Humour

Every time I see this pic, I laugh out loud. I don't know why it tickles my funny bone so much.

Perhaps it reminds me of an occasion where my Mam and I were walking down main street Dundee, Kwa Zulu Natal - South Africa.  We were chatting and I was in the lead (chatting, that is.  I wasn't in front of her.  We weren't power walking or running or anything silly like that).

Mam stopped suddenly and I looked at her to see why she had come to a sudden halt.  

She was pointing at the window of Truworths Ladies Fashion, doubled over, laughing so hard, she couldn't speak.  She was holding her belly with one hand, while gesturing me to look with her other. 

There was a line up of mannequins wearing the latest fashions.  The expressions on each of their faces were different.  Mannequins manufactured in the 1970s were dramatic like that.   Not like those pouty, alluring ones of today. 

The one that held my Mam's amusement and humour so much had what I can only describe as a gazed expression.  But with a wide open mouth - somewhat like the icon on Facebook that depicts "wow".  

The eyes didn't match the mouth.  

And to add more hysterical laughter (from both of us now), the short-bobbed blonde wig, styled with a block fringe was skew, covering one eye, while revealing the other and it's neighbouring hairless ear.  

I can't look at a mannequin without smiling....or thinking of my Mam.


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