Monday 25 August 2008

An Evening at the Hospital

I went to see my mam in hospital this evening. Oh wait....that's right - I've been to see my mam in hospital each day ever since she was admitted last week. Tonight was different though. I saw not the tired looking, slurrrrry talking (panadeine forte) reluctant mam who initially didn't even want to be admitted. I saw a new woman -fiesty and lively and full of authority. Over the nurses, that is: "Is it time for my next load of antibiotics, nurse?" and the patients sharing her ward: "Let me call someone to help you, sweetie. Don't you move...".

My mam is back to her old self - pre cellulitis. (I was worried there for a while). She's not over the physical cellulitis infection as yet, (her leg is still a shade of angry red with lighter areas of mottled pink), but her emotional self, her soulful self has resumed.


Mam has acquired yet another new friend: Diane. Last night, she and Diane broke their ward's 'lights out, time to sleep' rule. Oh yes they did. Diane hauled out her new DVD player, inserted "The Land Before Time" DVD, lassood over a spare set of (extra long) earplugs to mam's bed and together, all wired for sound, they proceeded to watch with glee and a large dose of rebellion.

Oh, and they've placed their order for pop, popcorn and chocolate for tomorrow night's viewing, as Diane insists that she will still be around for the fun....

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