Sunday 24 August 2008

Our Next Project

Here is the old service station we bought in June of this year. It has been empty for over ten years and was badly vandalised. The property consists of a shop, restaurant, kitchen, with a residence attached. We have recently renovated the residence, which we call the "Grand's Cottage". Next item on the agenda is the remodelling of the shop and restaurant, which will become a retail gallery for "Metalsmithery" - respectable ironwares for the home and garden. Metalsmithery will also have it's own cafe - "Metalsmithery Cafe". Finally, the commercial kitchen will be re-fitted.

More on all of this as the weeks and months go by.

Here is the customer carpark. You can just see the one side of the Grand's Cottage before renovation. The hill rises at the back...

The front of the old service station. To the left, the old shop, to the right, ladies toilets.

Another frontal shot. The right hand door was the shop, the left hand door opened into the restaurant.

Standing on the west looking eastward. The awning, and the site of the bowsers. This service station was once known as The Golden Fleece.

As you can see - we have our work cut out for us. Life as we knew it has changed forever....

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