Wednesday 20 August 2008

Grand's Cottage BEFORE Pics

As promised, here are the pics of the Grand's Cottage BEFORE we got to it...

The corridor ceiling. Buttercup yellow!

Bedroom 2 leading to Bedroom 1, via Buttercup Alley:

Bedroom 1. What a colour scheme. Check the newspaper on the floor. Despite our diligent efforts, we still spilled and splashed paint on the floor. Lots of it!
Part of Bedroom 2. This wall had to come down, as it was soggy soggy soggy. This fact didn't seem to matter to Miss Hairy Mary, though. She spun a grand palace in this particular section of the hardwood 'T' junction:

The bathroom window. Every set of upper windows in every room were blocked in and painted:

This is the lounge room, looking towards the front (sliding) door:

This is the lounge room, looking towards what was the kitchen AND laundry:

This was the floor in the kitchen:

Looking up at all the dangly bits in the kitchen. Walls still had to be built:

This is the bathroom, just after we put villaboard on the walls, which were covered with horrible wooden planks that were damp and mouldy:

Here is a pic of one of the windows with commercial paint stripper applied. I wrote about this in an earlier blog. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble....

Anyone for sandwich spread?

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The Journey said...

Lots of work dear. If I were near by I'd take a vacation and come help you. This Sat. we are going out to my oldest 30min way in a little town. Help him organize his boxes to get unpacked. He's a real junk packrat. But he didn't buy a nice older home. This is one, we want to set your dd up with. LOL


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