Sunday 24 August 2008

Grand's Cottage AFTER Pics

Here are some Grand's Cottage 'after' pics. Unfortunately, I was too late to capture some shots before we started moving the Grand's furniture inside. These were taken as we were unpacking, sorting and organising. Hence - the messiness. Things in odd places, etcetera etcetera... The wall paint is called "Macadamia Cream" by Pascol, mixed in a Dulux base (nothing I do is ever simple).

This is the front sliding door. The old, smashed in and vandalised exterior fibro walls were cladded with huge sheets of white styrene and then Don, a hard-working, travelling cement worker, finished the walls with his special mix of cement render. We will paint the exterior at the same time as we paint the shop (when we get to refurbishing and setting up the shop).

See the contraption on the right of the photo? We call it the "Bunny". It is a huge gas bottle and heater on an RHS metal frame with wheels. It was our best friend on those cold, cold nights. Can you see the trusty old red barrow in the reflection of the glass? This carted tons of all types of nasty stuff.

Remember all the hardwood framework and dangly-bit electric wires? Well, this is the wall they are now encased in and it divides the living room from the kitchen. (Can you see a corner of the Westinghouse fridge? I told you there would be odd things in odd places). The picture on the wall is one of my parent's favourite pictures. They bought it over twenty years ago, when we lived in South Africa.

This is a shot standing at the kitchen entrance, looking back towards the front door. A sofa is 'nursing' a tv, and my dad has only half filled his desk and bookcase. It looks like a nuclear bomb has gone off outside....

The cottage actually had three bedrooms, but we turned one into a utility room with a back door. Here is the left side of the utility room, with chairs to sit and ponder on a hot summer afternoon, or to curl up with a blankie on a cold winter's day, waiting for the washing to finish in the machine. Again, the nuclear bomb outside...

The right hand side of the utility room with a laundry area for Grandparent washing days...

The storage cupboard in the utility room, fitted with 'white glass' doors. All the bedrooms had this type of cupboard and doors fitted.

The shiny, bright, white bathroom with a twist of black.... This room was horrid. The windows were painted, the walls were cladded with rotten wooden boards, and the only means of bathing was a minute bird-bath-type-shower-thingy made from chipped enamel.

Part of bedroom 1, just to show you the finish. The carpet colour is "Cappucino". Quite apt, Hastings. Quite apt.

Another part of bedroom 1. See the window? We spent days on these old cedar frames.

Remember the buttercup alley corridor? Now it's Macadamia Cream walk. Much more serene. This is a view from bedroom 2 looking into bedroom 1. First door on the right is the bathroom, second door on the right is the utility room and back door. The only door on the left leads to the living areas.
This is bedroom 1 looking into bedroom 2. Can you see my galvanised mop bucket? At that stage, it kept on calling my name.

You may notice that I haven't posted pics of the kitchen. The reason for this is that the Machinist had some final adjustments to make on the kitchen cabinets which we picked up for a song on Ebay (viva la Ebay!). He has made a stainless steel benchtop for the bottom kitchen cupboards and I'll post a picture of the kitchen - complete - when it is er - well, when it is ABSOLUTELY complete.

More later....

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