Sunday 24 May 2009

Lovely Blog Award

Vivienne from - ahem - The V Spot gave me the Lovely Blog Award. Thanks so much, Vivienne! Please go and check out her blog. She is not just a pretty face; she has good humour, an astute mind (smart ass) tremendous wit (smart-assery) and an extremely resourceful dad, Dave. You can definitely see it runs in the family from the quality of Vivienne's posts.

I am passing this award on to other lovely bloggers who I have not only recently discovered, but those who have inspired me for some time - bloggers who have a beauty that appeals to the heart, mind and eye, or are generally charming and delightful, - so here are my lovelies in no particular order:
Laeriss from A Heart In Provence - I was hooked immediately. Laeriss has a knack of finding the beauty in nature, and mixing it with odd and random objects to create wonderful themes.
Sarah from Middlepaw - My middle child who inspires and encourages me daily. I delight in seeing her perspective on our lives together.
Kelly from Housewife Savant - I love Kelly's knack of keeping things real, adding the humour, doubling the wit. Oh, and her Savantisms are addictive, so beware - or she'll Kel ya!
Emily from Thoughts and Biro Sketches - Emily is a young, talented and beautiful artist and you will undoubtedly get lost in her world...
Willow from Willow Manor - Willow's blog has absolutely and definitely something for everyone. You will be inspired by her love of and interest in - life.
Eloh@ from Elohssanatahw - An honest and humourous look at the reality of life from a lady who's been there, done that and probably has the weaponry to prove it.
Alison from Brocante Home - A single mommy with a vintage spirit chronicles her life stories and offers a variety of puttery treats for likeminded home-loving bodies.
Please go and visit these blogs. Thanks again for the award, Vivienne!


@eloh said...

Thanks Helen, I had my daughter help me grab it up. Wow, thanks for thinking of me.

Elizabethd said...

Thanks for looking in, and joining me in France!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Thanks for the nice comments.
If you haven't paticipated in "Friend Makin' Mondays" yet, click here to join in:

It's how I "met" a lot of new bloggers and they met me.
(There are also several recipe swaps on Tuesdays. Great way to meet new peeps.)


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