Tuesday 5 May 2009

While we were Pumpkin-ing

While we've been dealing with a lot of these:

A lot of things have been put on hold and ignored. Like this:

However, these cute little puppies wouldn't allow us to ignore them. The Machinist brought them home one night. A puppy for Sam, and one for Sarah. As if there wasn't enough to do, we're now cleaning numerous amounts of dog messes. Yeah!


Housewife Savant said...

You've got puppy clothing already!
I predict several mentions of these dogs in your blogging future....
Do they have names?

Helen said...

Yeah, baby.

The one in the pink coat with "Angel" written on it is 'Lily' - Sam's puppy. The other, in the black coat with "Rebel" written on it is 'Pepi' - Sarah's puppy.

Oh, you are so right - I'm sure they will be mentioned. There's nothing like your toes being licked, then bitten, then licked, first thing in the morning, when you traipse through to the bathroom in your nightie. There's nothing like squashed squelchy S%@! between your toes, either.

Miss Melissa said...

Oh they are so stinkin cute!!! :) Hehe What a lovely suprise!

Housewife Savant said...

There's nothing like housetraining a pup.
Well, infants without diapers perhaps but that would just be dumb.


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