Monday 18 May 2009

Orthodontists, Chairs and Pigs

I love to soak up every makeover show I can possibly lay my peepers on. I watch in awe as man and wife endeavour to work on their new projects, whether the projects be a new house or business. I prefer those establishing or improving or increasing a business, though. They seem more desperate and dermined and defiant, as there is more on the line....

Sam and Sarah both attended the orthodontist today. I never thought I would see the day where one of my children would drive the other to an appointment IN THEIR OWN CAR. For years, it seems, and as most mammas would testify, I have been their sole source of transport. It's even strange to stand back and watch them consult with a doctor or dentist without me in the room as well. Sam has reached the end of his 18-month-teeth-behind-bars experience and now goes into parole mode (retainers). Sarah, on the other hand, is at the beginning of her mouth-makeover. I often tease her: if you're having ALL of your wisdom teeth out, does that mean you won't have any more wisdom?

The Machinist appeared around the corner of my office and whizzed a chair from behind his back, planting it right in front of me. "Waddayathink?", he asked. The chair in question is one of 20 (I think), left for us at the Shop. Initially, we were going to take them to the tip, but on inspection, we realised we could transform them from ugly ducklings to swans. Our plan is to take off the back rest and replace it with a decorative metal back rest, re-powdercoat the frame work and recover the seat with some type of animal hide. More on that in days to come.

This evening, Sam came into the loungeroom and asked what I was watching. With his eyes on the television, he edged backwards, and without thinking, sat on my knee. Still not thinking, he extended his legs upon the rest of the couch. Polly looked warily at him. "Hmm.. what's he up to?" said her expression. I have to confess, I love having our children around and have NEVER desired for them to leave home, as some parents have expressed.

After much discussion, we have decided not to take the miniature pigs offered to us (I wrote about this previously). I'm glad the decision has been made now, rather than later. It's awfully hard to return or give pets away, once they've spent even an hour at our home. We'll still visit Onslo and Eva, though.

In the meantime, all donations of their nutritious (to growing vegetables) excrement will be gratefully received!

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