Saturday 20 June 2009

Je Ne Regrette Rien

I awoke at 2am this morning, went to the bathroom, slid back into bed to the comfort of the electric blanket (Number One Setting) and the steady breathing of the Machinist. And then I just lay there, - as an insomniac maniac. I had determined that I would NOT think about the snake, but many strange and unwanted thoughts come to you in the darkness of night. My mind kept wandering to what had transpired yesterday and I would consciously force myself to think of other things. Better things. Sweeter things. Sleep would still not come, so I arose and spent some three hours researching many things on the internet.

Oh, the grand ideas and plans for today!

Alas ... after pegging washing out, folding laundry, tea with Granny and cleaning and disinfecting items of furniture from the barn and organising their place in the house, numerous glasses of orange juice (with pulp), I found myself lolling around on the couch, with that tingly feeling in my ENT body area, which usually indicates the onset of a cold.

A cold and a case of The Guilts. For not having done more...

I'm my own martyr.


@eloh said...

You and me both. I thought about haveing my statue made while I am still alive and can "control" the whole aura of the thing.

@eloh said...

Sum daz i spel beter thin othez.


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