Sunday 3 January 2010

Storms and Dogs

When a storm is on it's way, and the charcoal clouds pile up, the dogs start throwing their furry bodies at the back door (sliding glass).  Sometimes we hear them, and tell them off.  Other times, we feel sorry for them and let them in.  They come indoors and have an anxious look on their faces.  It doesn't last for long, though, as they bound down the corridor, then through the lounge, then into the tv room, around to the old schoolroom, now office.  They are constantly in search of someone to fuss them.

Bobby is doing so well.  He is up on his feet now.  He stands, walks, feels a bit wobbly on his legs, panics and dashes to his kennel.  We have to talk to him "it's ok, Bob, it's ok" to sooth him.  Each day, though, you can see he is stronger and stronger. This evening, with the threat of a storm in the air, he was trying to jump through the laundry window, as we didn't hear him at the door.  His next best bet was to climb into the laundry, through the kitchen, then around to the tv room, where the Machinist and I were watching Murphy's Law.  Emma heard his attempts at jumping, took pity on him and let him in.  Works every time!

(I will be publishing Bobby's treatment schedule on the blog, so that others who have pets which are bitten may have some hope in saving them).

Anyway, more later.... xx


ADRIAN said...

Glad he's on the mend, a close call.

Leave a Legacy said...

I even feel sorry for my inside dogs when there is a storm. They get so scared.
Glad that Bob is on the mend.

Ken Devine said...

Hi Helen
You are all big softies really...which is exactly what I would be if I had a dog.


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....