Sunday 3 January 2010

Reflections on the Festive Season Past

I've been working a lot at our local winery over the Christmas / New Year period and although I enjoy it, I have to confess that it has been hard leaving home each day, as there is so much going on here.  The Young Adults have been very Social Beings and have either had friends stay, or accepted invitations to go out.  On each day, the Machinist and I have had to coordinate Who Is Available to help at the Shop, as there are certain jobs he cannot do on his own (see right hand side bar for updates on The Daily Pie Shop renovations).  Furthermore, somebody has had to care for the pets while we are all coming and going. 

We've hosted Christmas and new year's eve dinners.  We've hosted a morning tea for my darling Mam's birthday - which was on the 31st.  The most memorable time, though, was when the Machinist and I stole away from all the action at home and nipped over to the Grand's house for a nice and peaceful visit with them - just before we had to get ready to celebrate NYE across the road at our country hotel with our children.  Although we hardly ever drink anything alcoholic, the Machinist packed a basket with a beer, lemonade and a bottle of Merlot.  He poured mam a shandy, and a glass of wine for the rest of us. We sat in their cosy loungeroom, with the lights off, curtains open, a breeze blowing through from the kitchen to the lounge and only the light of the full moon shining in.  Blossom, my parent's Pekingnese, was doing her rounds - sniffing and snorting (as her breed does), finally settling next to me, flashing her Betty Davis Eyes.

My parents often want to help in our busy-ness, and I know they must feel helpless at times, but if only they knew how much they do help - just by being 'available' to chat with, confide in and do all the other tedious little jobs like sewing rogue buttons back on garments, stripping and polishing old window latches, peeling vegetables when a wholesome meal is needed, and not to mention - sweeping collective spider's webs from our windows and eaves.  I am going to make a point of letting them know their value to us regularly this year.

The house is quiet as I write.  Emma has just left for work, Sarah and the Machinist are having a lie-in ; - they'll be working at the Shop today, fixing a 'boot' around the exhaust where the exhaust 'meets' the tin roof.  Sam is at his young lady's parent's house - due to come home early to help at the Shop as well.  Shortly, I'll put the coffee machine on, then get ready for work at the winery.  Tomorrow, the Young Adults will all be at work, and the Machinist and I will be FULL SYSTEMS GO! determined to finish the big stuff on the Shop before the end of January. 



Vera said...

I have just read up about your shop, and am awed by the task you and your family have taken on. Makes me feel better with the equally huge task we have taken on here! Looking forward to reading how you get on during the coming months.

French Fancy... said...

Let's hope things quieten down enough to see you meet your project deadline. Mmmm - I'll be able to smell the pies from here - and I bet the photos will make me drool - I'll have to get a cover over my keyboard

Ken Devine said...

Hi Helen
I did't realise that you had blogs covering the pie shop and metalsmithery. I never thought to explore the side bits.
I really enjoyed looking through them. Well done! You all deserve a medal!
I'm looking to you being open and super successful.

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