Saturday 16 January 2010

Slowly. Almost There

Any mother will tell you that the last few weeks - even the last few months - of pregnancy go by very slowly.  The same is true of my new 'baby' - our pie shop.  It's been about a year now, since we started work on renovating the building - mainly on weekends or stolen hours in between our regular business.  The only tradesman we've hired is an electrician, because we've had to. The rest is all DIY, Baby.

It seems to have gone even slower these past four months, - ever since the family have taken on extra shifts elsewhere. While it has been needful, financially, for us to take on more work, everyone is so very tired when they are at home on those odd days off from outside work, catchup has been the priority.  Add to that a holiday season and constant guests ....

"Babe, I don't want anyone staying next week, ok?" the Machinist pleads, as we work together in the kitchen.  "Please Babe?" as he turns the gluten free sausages in the Jamie Oliver pan and I load another tray of dishes into the (commercial, thanks, Machinist!) dishwasher.

I assure him that I feel the same way. 

Later, sipping coffee the Machinist asks me "What are we doing for Australia day?"

"I may have to work at the winery"

"Bummer. I thought we could ...."


ADRIAN said...

Can almost smell them cooking from here.

Ken Devine said...

Oh I so love the way that you write in sharing life's experiences.
I guess we are what we are and we get through what we can. It's life made all the better through the challenges we face.

Vera said...

We have the same problems with working and not having enough energy left to do other things that are equally important: such as filling the walls in the half barn so we move in there, or going out into the fields and digging up the docks! Ah well, better to have too much to do rather than too little.
Thanks for the update, and look forward to enjoying, albeit via cyber space, your cooking!

Helen said...

Adrian, you then know where you can follow your nose, should you ever visit the land down under.

Ken, I'm learning to just 'rest' and accept what we have to do. There was a time when I would sort of fight it or try and change it. Now I just plod on and I often think of 'slowly wins the race'. Oh, and automatically, without knowing it, life's challenges actually change you. Not the other way around..

Vera - When I was much younger, my mam tells me that I was always saying 'I'm bored'. She is the type of woman that 'gets on with the job' and didn't stop to show me how to do things, and I often think (and we have talked about this)that had she done so, I could have helped her a lot more. However, my own children never used that term. If they did, they would be given a job. Thing is - jobs never go away. There is ALWAYS something to do and I enjoy people who can SEE this, as some can't. I'll let you know when we're baking...

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