Thursday 28 January 2010

Familiar Roads

Some time ago, a ferocious gust of wind blew the tarpaulin off the cold display fridge we had bought for sweet pies, and with it - the front curved glass.  It was a dark morning, when I went up to the shop and found scattered, shattered glass lying around the base of the motor.  The Machinist had to make a template and post it to a glass repair business in Sydney.  Today, we went to pick up the new piece of curved glass.  We also intended to purchase pie warming ovens and perhaps even a freezer (for the right price), and what did we come back with? Just a new piece of curved glass for the cold display fridge. 


We also returned with a lot of information regarding kitchen equipment, brands and warranties, and I am more confident, focussed and resolved in what needs to be done and bought; -  knowledge which is more valuable than a few minutes of an accomplished salesman's charms and an unplanned purchase, even though the price was very attractive.

Taking the trip with the Machinist along the familiar highway caused me to reminisce about the many times I had travelled alone, or with the children, either dropping our recently manufactured commercial trolleys off for zinc-coating or picking them up.  We would often go to the 'city movies' either after the drop off, or while waiting for finished products.  Precious memories and trips that we may never make again, as many of the businesses we dealt with are either closed down or have moved, and beautiful souls who are now Young Adults and have their own committments and general busy-ness.

This evening is one of melancholy and I fear I am being a silly old sentimental bear (or old fool!).  Is this pure exhaustion or common emotion indiginous to business owners.  Or both?


Ken Devine said...

Don't look back Helen, the past is where it should stay and the future is bright if you remain positive.

Like you and millions of others, the past holds warm memories for me...and not so warm ones, but nothing can hold a light to the unchartered, exciting prospect of what hasn't happened yet. The great thing is that we get to shape and create it.

matron said...

I understand your sentiment ,we all miss things that we have had or things we have done,but I agree with Ken Devine,what you have done is gone but the future is there for the taking and you can forge new contacts ,friends.
The ability to change and adapt is one of the wonderful things about being human.I wish you a happy journey on your new ,chosen path.

Leave a Legacy said...

So sorry about the glass. What a terrible thing to wake up to.
I also get very sentimental about old pictures, Grandma's house that we now have to sell, old furniture that I hate to get rid of even though I can't use it, and other things like that. And when I'm tired, I'm more emotional.
I understand your feelings.


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