Tuesday 22 August 2017

Iandra Castle, near Greenethorpe, New South Wales

The Machinist and I took a drive to Iandra Castle, near Young, New South Wales.  I took many photos of the Castle and grounds; - far too many to upload here.  And besides, I think you may become bored with them, as some are very detailed.

I couldn't wait to get out of the car and make my way towards the castle.  I wanted to get lost in my own imaginings of the Green family.  How they may have thought and felt.  How they may have conducted themselves.

How they coped in a foreign land.

I think I need another visit to Iandra.  I really do.  Time evaded us.  The sun began to set before we left the premises.

I did, however, return home with a few - ahem - tokens for remembrance of our day there; pods and seeds from the castle garden.  My bag was heavy with them.  One day, I will plant them.

If the castle intrigues you like it does me -  you can read more here:
Iandra Castle & Mt Oriel Homestead


We couldn't wait to see inside.  The outside "calls" you in

Dormer windows always intrigue me


More Chimneys!
The Machinist and I were standing on this upstairs verandah and didn't realise we had been
spotted by Cameron's parents, who also visited that day. 

Creeping Ivy Skeletons


Australian emblem  on the kitchen stove (one of them)

A typical bed

The bedroom's pee pot

A bedroom hearth

Part of a corridor in the parent's wing

Part of a corridor in the right wing - leading to servant's quarters

Corridor connecting one wing to another.  

Telephone situated near the kitchen
The Family Church 

Side door to the church.  More lichen....
A "welcoming" from the wasps
Very old graves, no surrounds.  Solid metal headstones

An infant grave

The Stables

We love the bronze ring

Peeling paint on a rusty gate within the Stable courtyard

Mr Green; home and landowner - Iandra Castle

Even thistles show their beauty

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