Tuesday 22 August 2017

Pioneer Farm Museum, Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales

This was our second visit to the Kangaroo Valley Museum.  The first one was over 20 years ago, when we were homeschooling our children.

Nothing much has changed, as it shouldn't.  The Machinist and I enjoyed our time there and had a good chat with a lady who was making butter.

Communication back then....
Post Office display 

An old "copper"

Laundering utensils displayed on the back deck 

"The Laundry"

The tea table (and everything else)

Frock and apron

I always wonder about the display dressers of old.   Did the homemaker have regular-use
dishes and plates, or did she wash and dry after each use, returning them for display? 

Cosy in winter.  Extremely hot in summer.  

Where's the family? 

A sideboard for the "pretties"

Another dresser for the lesser used items. 

Activity corner! 
The parents bedroom.  See the ghost in the picture glass reflection? 

Lots of sewing and darning to be done. 
A Child's pram.  I wonder if mama had her special set of straps to keep the child in. 
Recreation and entertainment

Boots and shoes.  Such personal items.  See how they've been shaped to each
individual's feet?
Farmworker Huts

Inside the hut.  Brrrr.... feel the winter breeze?  And in the summer?  Oh my - what could
creep in?  Answer:  Snakes!

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