Tuesday 22 August 2017

Lake Burley Griffin 1, Australian Capital Territory

We didn't fancy walking.  Not because it was raining, but because - well - we just didn't fancy it.  But we went after all.  We had no plans as to where we were going to walk.  The Machinist just pulled up at Lake Burley Griffin.  We got out.  We walked.  

This is what we saw:  Scenes from around (part of) Lake Burley Griffin:  

Captain Cook Memorial

The National Library

The Machinist walks on

Swans on the lake

It LOOKS cold, don't you think? 

Old Parliament house in front of the New Parliament House

More black swans

The National Carillon

Rusty Metal retaining wall 

More rusty metal wall

I loved the way these were blowing in the wind.  I'm amazed it's not blurry. 

Overcast Lake

The Science and Technology Centre: Questacon

The other side of the Lake - Lots of Oak trees!

Approaching Parliament House

After a brisk walk - hot coffee at Hudsons of Dickson (my brother's old cafe)

They still use the names my brother allocated to sandwiches, bagels and drinks.  This makes
me smile, as the new owners are Asian and the names are so very British!

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