Tuesday 22 August 2017

Goulburn Railway, Riverside and Wetlands, Goulburn New South Wales

We didn't know it was such a scenic, pretty place - the walk alongside the Goulburn river.  We followed it until it led on to the Goulburn Wetlands, which is still under construction and growing all the time.  It reminded me of the type of area you could base a story on.  The "Badlands" in Stephen King's "It" comes to mind.

(If you walk there, look over your shoulder!)

Rail memorabilia.  Note how blackberry has no bounds.  Takes plenty of prisoners! 

Part of the golf course near the river.  What an ideal spot. I can't imagine the number of golf
balls deposited in the river.  We happened to find one as we passed by.  Small things...

A delightful leaf covered bridge on the river walk

A metal "welcome" sign to the arty-sit-area, also alongside the river

War Memorial, Rocky Hill, Goulburn

Swamphens.  Cheeky!

"Ullo ullo ullo.  Who are you, then?"
The Machinist Walks On.

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