Tuesday 22 August 2017

Fitzroy Falls, New South Wales

Fitzroy Falls is on the way to Kangaroo Valley, but we popped in on our way back home.   The Machinist pulled over to have a peek at "Grandpa's Shed" and all its wares, and I hoofed it on my own, while waiting for him.  

The rain fell softly, but increased in vigour as I walked through nearby trees and grasses.  When we both made our way on the track to the falls, it had stopped, which gave us time and opportunity to admire the flora and fauna.  

Oh, and the lyre bird.  

Have you ever imagined falling into a waterfall?  I have....

"Smoke... in the valley..." tra la la... But it's not smoke, and there's no fire in the sky.

The Falls from different angles

One scene of many - flora and fauna

Hello Lyre Bird

"Catch me if you can"

"You can't catch me!"

"Why aren't you chasing me?"

Anyone home?  I didn't want to wait.  Well... I did and I didn't.  I wanted to KNOW, but I
was also wary as to what / whom may pop their head out.  


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