Monday 17 November 2008

Daily Grind

The workshop phone rang.

"It's for you, Doll. It's Danny, the accountant"

Oh drat! My 'bookkeeping' brain wasn't around anywhere. I think I left it under the desk a couple of weeks ago, when I finished the last Business Activity Statement. If the relevent 'brain' isn't on, it's really hard to focus. Still, the Machinist had the telephone in one hand and a heavy grinder in the other. I had to take the call.

The word "accountant" puts fear right to the cockles of the heart. I don't know why. It's like "policeman". There's good and bad in both professions, but they still seem to have this effect on me. I've never been in trouble with either, so I'm still flabbergasted why I should feel this way. Ok, so I have issues and will have to ponder this phenomenon in my spare time.

By the time I went back into the kitchen, the loaves of bread were overflowing their tins, and the oven roaring with anticipation. No sooner were the loaves slid inside, there was a "click" coming from the laundry, which indicates the completion of the washing cycle. Time to peg out the overalls. With four domestic pets in tow (competing for attention, and zig-zagging between my feet, almost legging me over), a heavy wash basket and flies buzzing around my face, I let go with one hand to brush them away, and the load came toppling out. The kitties scarpered for a second; but only a second. Soon they were back, seeking the shade, cast by the washing in the basket.

Note to self: buy more pegs - the coloured ones seem stronger, last longer, as well as set up some type of peg bag, instead of picking the pegs up off the ground, covered in dirt.

Another note to self: Weed! Especially the dandelions. They have massive seed heads, ready for wind distribution. The lillium beds are chock full of dandelions. That bed alone looks like a mini-amazon.

And talking of Amazon...

The Acai berries arrived! Full of goodness. They will be added as a supplement to our menu.

Afternoon administration consisted of writing huge lists for Metalsmithery and the Daily Pie, as well as odd jobs to be carried out on the Grand's Cottage. A general floorplan and coffee counter diagram were added to the rather large jotter - reserved for brainstorming and - well - lists. When the Machinist arrived home from taking a job to the powder coaters, he ventured out into the garden, towards the Workshop. I buzzed him on the intercom:

"Can I show you my list"

"Yeah", he sighed "I'm just locking up"

The Machinist is always willing to see what has to be done, even though he and I don't always want to do what's on the list. Usually, though, his first question is:

"How many pages?"

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