Friday 7 November 2008

Revving Up with the Vitality 600

In the sidebar of my blog, I've stated that the Machinist spoils me. I am truly a lucky girl. The Machinist supports me in whatever I want to do, and I never, never, abuse his kindness and generosity. I must confess, - it is seldom that I actually ask for anything, - materialistically - and so the Machinist was most curious and enquiring when I told him of something I would really, really like.

I was quite surprised that the Machinist didn't even batter an eyelid when learning about the product I wanted. Mostly, because what I wanted was actually GYM equipment, and he knows how I despise gyms and any type of contraption used within them. Team sport is a different matter, though:

I love team sport. It has a purpose.

Back to the exercise machine - I could have stated many reasons why I needed it; the heat (I'm English!), the flies (they're slow and sluggish and sit on your nose and lips), the mosquitoes (Bloodtype A), the snakes hiding in the grass and storm water drains at the side of our country roads - we have no pavements (Ophidiophobia) the pollen and grasses (hayfever). All valid reasons to want to "exercise" indoors, at home. But I didn't have to explain any of this.
"Order it", he proclaimed. "Really, I want you to have it".

And so - here is the Machinist's gift to me. The Vitality 600:

The Vitality 600 - for all those Jiggly Bits.

Of which I have many.

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The Journey said...

how nice. I hate going out to exercise too. I just don't have the space, maybe if I get rid of half what is in my sewing room.


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