Thursday 20 November 2008

Happy Birthday to the Machinist!

It was raining fast and hard last night and there is nothing more comforting than the sound of rain on a tin roof.

Not so comforting for the Machinist today, though. Especially on his birthday. This is what he walked into as he entered the workshop:

And so... the Machinist sprang into a plan of action. Here he is talking logistics (ha!) with his son, Sam, our second year apprentice:

I have to confess; it's not all fun all day every day. We were determined, though, to make the Machinist's day a special one, so later, bundling up in the car, we headed to the driving range. Now the Machinist is not a golfer, nor are any of the rest of the family. We have one thought in mind when we go to the driving range; hit the ball as hard and as far as possible. I was the delegated camer(wo)man and before I could post some shots here, Middlepaw, nickname for our middle child, posted them here: .

A later dinner in town and the movies cheered up the Machinist no end.

We love you Machinist!

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