Sunday 30 November 2008

Happy Birthday to Sarah

Today was my middle daughter, Sarah's Birthday. We have a family tradition of waking the birthday person and singing happy birthday to them, while bearing gifts. (I've told of this before).

I had a number of photos and more to say about Sarah's birthday, but I've forgotten, because our internet has been down, and if I don't do it the same day, facts escape me! Besides, the little scamp has beaten me to it, as she has written about her birthday here:

One thing I wanted to show you, though - not that this has anything to do with birthdays and presents, but it is something about my homegirl that always makes me smile:

Her workboots!

She is feminine and classy, has great taste in many things, is friendly and fun, motivated and encouraging. She is of slight build with the hugest biceps I've seen on such a tiny young woman. She works hard in whatever she does, with good conscience. In the workshop, alongside the men, she likes to retain her feminine look; - wearing foxy earings and pillar box red nailpolish. It is her workboots, though, that make me smile each time I see her in them. They are such a far cry from the beautiful shoes she owns, and the personality she possesses.

But I guess that's one of the umpteenth reasons I love her - for she has such flexibility. So it's not "put on your dancing shoes, birthday girl", but rather "put on your steel-toed, hob-nailed boots, Esmerelda"

As Sarah explains to me: "Mam, if you want to get some, Redbacks are the best. They are so comfortable and conform to your foot shape. You'll have to buy some thick socks, though. You can wear thinner socks, but the thicker socks are even more comfortable".

Yeah. Whatever.

I love you, Beaver Marple!

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