Thursday 27 November 2008

Happy Birthday to my Dad (Grandpa)

Grandpa celebrated his 83rd birthday today. I wrote on his card: " We love you, let's set a regular date.."

Two days ago, he was hacking into the most awkward, prickly, twisted bush, determined to spit on it's grave by the end of the afternoon. And - he did. I love to see that tenacity at his age.

I am so grateful that my dad promised my mam the 'holiday of a lifetime' and took her to Africa. Thirteen years later, he took her to the 'land of milk and honey' and we are still reaping. There are times, when my dad's eyes gloss over and he regrets things he has done and things he hasn't done. When this happens, I remind him of all the good that came from his decisions.

Grandpa, I love you! Let's make regular dinner dates on this day each year?


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