Friday 21 August 2009

Progress on the Inside


New, false ceiling. To the right - cafe / gallery. To the left - toilets.
Doorway leading to scullery & kitchen
Standing behind counter. View to right.

Standing behind counter. View to left (you can see the entry to the toilets)

Standing behind counter - looking directly in front
Standing behind counter looking directly in front.

Standing behind counter looking to the right.

Looking at area where counter will be built.

Looking at where the counter will be built (rear wall of shop)

Rear wall of shop - note the beams holding down lights.

There's the steps which once led to what is now the Grand's Cottage.

Direct view of back wall. Counter will be built in front of this.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

How exciting to see the start of the best pie shop in Australia! Thanks for looking for my books sweet pea. The publishing company no longer has that fiction imprint so the fantasy ones can be tricky to find. They pop up in some stores and on EBay as well from time to time. If Fantasy is your bag then I can send you a copy if you have trouble finding them. Or if you prefer mystery then wait until Poets Cottage and The Witches of Paris are picked up! xx

@eloh said...

It is really going to be beautiful. So much LIGHT!

I saw an new picture of what I assume is your home...I collect antique bottles too!

Housewife Savant said...

It's 5:30 AM, and I haven't had enough coffee to imagine the work you've done/the work you've yet to do.

I should say something encouraging, cuz I love you....

[thinking].... is good.

(It looks great Helen!)

Alan Burnett said...

I am suffering from having just started following this blog. I need to know more. What exactly is a "pie shop" (or is it simply the obvious - a shop that will sell pies)? Whatever it may be, it looks very smart indeed.

Helen said...

Thanks for all your sweet words of encouragement. It really goes a long way and we appreciate it so much. We truly do! (I read the comments to the Machinist).
Alan, just to fill you in - yes - it will be a pie shop selling meat pies (with pastry lids), as well as sweet pies (cream and fruit, as well as seasonal - like pumpkin in the harvest season and mince pies at Christmas). We'll also sell real coffee, coffee syrups, teas, milkshakes and soda fountains.
When you look at the photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it will take ages to complete it. The hardest work has been done. The easy part is the addition of stainless steel sheets on the kitchen walls (regulations), painting the cafe / gallery ceiling and walls and the addition of a two-part epoxy on the floors. Thanks for your interest!

Joyful said...

It looks like renos are coming along nicely. If I ever get to your neck of the woods, I know where to drop by for some delicious sounding food :=)


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