Sunday 2 August 2009

Scars of Work

I haven't been enthused to blog for some time now, seeing as all we have been doing is working on the rebuilding of the Shop, and to many - renovation talk - is - BORING and doesn't make for interesting reading. Having said that, I was there today - alone with the Machinist, glueing and nailing villa board onto hardwood framework which will form the rear part of the cafe counter wall. The Machinist drilled indentations into the board, and I followed behind him, with the screwgun, inserting screws into said indentations. The Machinist was most insistent that the head of the screws had to be flush with the board and shouldn't stick out. I told him that the screws were flush with the board, and just as as I was assuring him of this, I ran my thumb over the head of my current insert and pulled it away like a lightning bolt, whincing as I did so. The heat of the screw left its imprint on my thumb:

Shortly after this incident, I headed home for tea. After all, - tea - for those in the 'wars', can lift the spirits far better than a Band-aid can.


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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Yikes ~ that is certainly a proof of work. Bless your heart for working right along side your man. To me there is great joy in that, wounds or no.

Pretty soon the work will be done and you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.



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