Wednesday 16 February 2011

Melbourne Trip Day 2 (Part b)

Just inside the museum's doors stands this early 1920's van.  I couldn't help but think of my mam, as she had to drive a laundry van at the young age of 14.  She always knew that she could run much faster than the van, but felt priviledged to drive it anyway. 

Through into the science section, we passed through a series of dinosaurs.  Like this party animal overhead:

...And this well-grounded bro down below.  Either way, they creep me out and it's a good job they don't roam the earth today. 

The Machinist took my camera and snapped this shot of me.  Need I say more?

Up close to one of the specimins.  Even though they were behind glass, and most were dead, it would still be "Goodnight" for me if one was to fall on me, or take a stroll over my foot or land in my hair.  I can't even begin to imagine one landing in my hair.  I've got goosies just thinking about it.

Now these crawlies I don't mind watching.  They were alive and well and eating their nom noms. They are the good guys, munching away at dead tissue and thereby cleaning the bones.  Friends of the Curator dot com.

When their bellies are truly full and feasting comes to an end, this is the type of finish they end up with.  Oh and by the way - this is the skeleton of a magpie. (I just can't imagine this guy swooping me)

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