Thursday 17 February 2011

Melbourne Day 3

This is Brunswick street.

It's an extremely LONG street by small country village standards and we walked the length of it several times. There were so many boutique / alternative (as they say) shops in this area of Melbourne and we LOVED them. Clothes shops, factory outlets, perfumery, coffee, boots, art, coffee, junk, goth, coffee... You catcha ma drift....

After shopping, we ventured back to South Wharf, hoping to see the movie "Hereafter".  The girls went to buy the tickets, but were told that the whole cinema was booked out privately.  And so - a dash for a tram, then another, then a train and we stepped off the station at South Yarra.  The streets were packed full of people, bustling down narrow pavements. After a (very) brisk walk, we arrived at The Jam Factory (a mall) and on entering couldn't fail to see a Stan Laurel look alike figure hanging from the big hand of the massive suspended clock.

I could do with this skylight at home.  I'd need a mansion to house it, though.

The city is beautiful at night.  Full of lights and stained glass windows  and solid stone decorative buildings like this one on Collins Street:

And this one, too....

And finally, bronze statues offering the European flair (and Atlas)

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