Wednesday 16 February 2011

Melbourne Trip Day 2 (Part a)

We knew we wanted to visit the museum, but didn't know that it resided right next door to the Imax Cinema.  Not sure what the girls are engrossed in, but would you look at the Machinist?  He's checking out the general fabrication.  Again.

The huge Rubik's cube in front of Imax cinema

We actually thought that this building was the museum.  It's not.  It's Australia's first Parliament House.  For your information and interest, of course.

Check out Parliament's dome.  These old buildings never cease to amaze me.  They had less, worked harder, and the buildings were greater by FAR.

Alas, we came for the museum, and here it is.  Excitement! (I'm such a nerd)

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Sue said...

What a lovely time you must be having! I love Melbourne...


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