Wednesday 10 December 2008

Acai Berry Fool

I was doing a google search the other day and found a couple of websites with information on Acai berries - the mother of all antioxidants. I ordered some. I take a heaped teaspoonful in the morning and (when I remember) another one at night. Although I haven't noticed anything different over a short period, mam was watching me work in the garden, hauling heavy wheelbarrows of soil and scooping them out.

"When you order your next lot of that good stuff, will you order some for me, too, Helen?" she asked.

Mam, being a mam, had obviously noticed something about me that hasn't come to my attention as yet.

Often waking in the night with so many plans and ideas, and finding it hard to fall asleep again, I have decided not to lie in bed and wait for sleep, but rather - to go and do something. That something could include making lists, researching, doing the washing or trying to read a book. Sometimes, I can occupy myself right until the sun comes up, devising game plans and great intentions for the day ahead.

One game plan was to have the acai berry drink really early, so that I wouldn't forget it and end up taking it past mid-morning. I felt so righteous, taking the glass of good health so early, and not long after, that pleasantly sleepy mood came over me. I succumbed.

On waking from slumber, I heard the Machinist say "Cup of tea, Helen?"

"Yes please"

"Would you like me to bring it here?" (he's so considerate with my hayfever and insomniac ways)

"No, it's ok, I'll come to the kitchen"

I felt lethargic, and not the usual jump-out-of-bed-and-greet-the-beautiful-morn self. I rubbed my eyes, fluffed my hair and headed to the kitchen, where I could hear the sound of the kettle boiling. The Machinist looked at me. Then he looked again. Then he said nothing.

I smiled at him, again, fluffing my hair and battering my eyelids. Still, he said nothing.

I went to the bathroom, glanced in the mirror and gasped at the person looking back at me. The acai berry had left a wide purple 'moustache' on my face, that would put Heath Ledger, as the Joker, to shame.

What a berry fool ....


The Acorn said...

Well hey, how many kids can say they've woken up to see the joker in their kitchen??

*I raise my hand...*

I love you, berry fool!

Jen said...

LOL I love it!!


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