Monday 15 December 2008

Pumpkin Fever

Our small village is revving up for the start of the annual Pumpkin Festival. Today, we hosted the launch of the Collector Village Pumpkin Festival 2009. My daughters are the coordinators for the Pumpkin Ball, and I am coordinating the stall holders. For the next six months, local residents can expect to see lots of orange...and green.... in many forms.

The pumpkin website is
Ah, pumpkin fever..... Gotta love those pies!

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emilyclare said...

A pumpkin ball! and stalls... How glorious.. I do love balls I do. My dad is an avid Australian folk dancer so when I'm lucky he'll take me along to one or two. I never knew Collector for its pumpkins but I think I will have to make a visit especially for it now.


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