Thursday 4 December 2008

Beautiful Young People

This is my homeboy, Sam (right), with his best friend, Luke. They're always having a good larf and somehow make others larf with them.

They love to do this:

And ride these:
Sam's dearest friend, though, whom he loves to be with is his gorgeous Hayley. She's sweet and funny and delightfully playful. They've known each other for over a year now.

Today, was Hayley's year 10 Formal. Sam and Hayley have been looking forward to going for some time. Luke was also invited to the Formal.
It's seldom an occasion we see the lads dressed like this, though.
They look rather smart and - well - civilised...

Sam wanted to impress his lovely young lady so much. He even took his hat off...

I'm sure he was VERY impressed with her. Isn't she beautiful?

Hope you have a wonderful evening, young 'uns!

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