Sunday 7 December 2008


In the schoolroom (the room we started off using as a schoolroom when we first started home-schooling the children) there is a cupboard full of see-through plastic boxes. The boxes are labelled and every so often (because I like changing stuff around), I sort and re-pack the boxes, as our needs change.

One box which has remained constant throughout my box storage career, though, is the one full of information on opening a shop - my own shop, which will be the culmination of nine-years-worth-of-dreaming. The information in this particular box is detail information; the finer points, the decorative style, the supplier contacts, the floor plans, the legalities, the real fun stuff. The information to be used as the opening day draws nearer. I'm not saying that preparations for the refurbishment of the shop aren't fun. (Well, some are, some aren't). But, oh, - the fine detail...


I had a peek in there this evening and found myself nodding approvingly (longingly), as I probed through the paperwork and samples (nodding is surely better than talking to yourself - it's less worrying).

This moment in time is bittersweet, because there is a lot of dirty and dusty work ahead, scraping, grinding, painting, scrubbing, plastering and who knows what else, before we can apply the decorative touches, but it is also nearing the time that contacts have to be made, orders placed and deliveries arranged.

There is a recognition and acceptance that my insomnia, - it's root cause in mirth - reigns!

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