Monday 15 December 2008

A Day in the Life of the Machinist's Wife


Wake and have tea with the Machinist.

Put smalls in dryer, larger clothes on the washing line.

Pull some weeds on the way to the washing line.

Stroke the kitties, who are lying on their backs, rolling around and waiting for fuss.

Pull more weeds. End up pulling piles and piles of weeds and leaving them next to the washing line post.

Greet Grandpa through the rose arbour.

Make coffee and chat a while with Grandpa, then see him on his way home.

Go to the office. Sort paperwork. File. Pay bills on line. Update accounting system, save work, exit accounting system.

Make lunch and call the family in to have lunch.

Greet Granny. Sit and reminisce with Granny. Take Granny on a garden tour, cut some flowers and then take her home.

While at the shop / Grands cottage, discuss plans for the gallery and admire the work that the Young Adults have completed; sanded windows, jack-hammered floor.

Return home. Wash dishes, prepare dinner.

Fetch washing in off the line, fold and leave on the kitchen table, awaiting owner collection.

Dish up food, eat, stack dishes. Let the Young Adults off the hook for kitchen cleanup.

Retire to the lounge. Chat with the Machinist a while.

Go online to source gifts.

Achievement satisfaction rating: 36%

Note to self: Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps it will be less dis-jointed and more productive.

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