Friday 12 December 2008

Where's Etienne?

I had such a chuckle at this picture:

Now where, pray, do you think Etienne, the escargot is dashing off to? What destinations does this petit gris have on his travel itinery?

The rain has been steady all day. It's wonderful and comforting and peaceful. I went to the front door to just watch the rain (as I often do when it rains). To my left, is the native garden and part of the large arbour:

Straight ahead is the courtyard and front gate. Note the Number One Son's riding jacket sprawled over the chair. Note the carpet of banksia petals, waiting to be raked. Hey, just keeping things real ....
To my right is a perrenial border, leading to the lawned garden:
Then, exhilarated and turning to go back indoors, look who I found on the door post -
It's Etienne!!


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....