Tuesday 9 December 2008

Happy Birthday to Emma-Lee

It was my eldest daughter, Emma-Lee's birthday yesterday. I had wanted to post something about Emsie and her special day, but by the time we were home, had watched several movies, and gutsed out on scrumptious food, I had missed the blogger time/ day cutoff.


When Emma was three, she would run as fast as the wind, - barefoot - and seeing as she was born in South Africa, we nick-named her Zola, after Zola Budd - the champion sprinter (who, incidently, could have easily had Mary Decker eat her dust!). Emma changed her sporty ways for books, art in various mediums and - well - dreaming.

She has the most vivid imagination, the quickest wit, the bestest ears for listening, - especially when others need comfort and support, a tender heart - worn best on her sleeve, an irresistable humour and a hearty chuckle that causes those who hear it to roll around on the floor...

At the moment, Emma is following her dream; 3D animation for gaming and film.

I love you, Emsie! Go for it!

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