Monday 22 December 2008

Diet? What Diet?

I had searched my baking books for a chocolate cake with a difference. Nothing too lengthy, but distinctively different and most importantly, moist. Then I came across this "how to" video from the dependable Nigella. I had no sour cream, and so substituted with pouring cream. The result was.... memorable.

Firstly, though, I made a couple of coconut cream pies, with whisked eggs, cream and dessicated coconut, topped with toasted coconut:

Then, while the oven was still warm, in went the chocolate cake. I used one pan and had to cut the cake. See the steam? I had to wait until the sponge was cool before dousing it with the chocolate icing:

Finally, the chocolate cream icing, also made with cream. Mmmmm.... it's always wise to make a little more than needed, to leave some for the licking bowl.

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