Saturday 27 December 2008

Genealogy and Thunderstorms

More genealogy research today. Much more. More finds. More contacts. My wish is to create a family tree for my dad - Grandpa. It's the little things he mentions that have actually resulted in different leads. Sometimes, like a rabbit warren. Sometimes, with great promise. I've learned that you just can't rush these things.

And what a better day to go back in time, than one with skies full of thunderstorms and the deafening sound of rain - heavy rain - on a tin roof. Oh, and the company of two dogs. Two spoiled dogs that were constantly underfoot, in case the lightening should strike them. They seem to sense thunder and lightning before it happens. Bob gets a wistful look in his eye, and Polly starts to pant...

There was no chance, then, for these two furry friends accompanying us by moving from the warmth and comfort of the old schoolroom, where they can often be found under the desk, when the Machinist called us to help sweep out excess storm water from the workshop floor.


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