Tuesday 6 January 2009

30 Things About Me

1 I was born in England on October 22nd
2 We left England when I was 12
3 I lived my whole 12 years in England in the house I was born in
4 I grew up in South Africa
5 We moved house 11 times in South Africa
6 I met the Machinist in South Africa when we were both 14
7 I married the Machinist on 1st May 1981
8 We married in a registry office in a small country town in South Africa
9 I gave birth to our first daughter in South Africa
10 We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary on 2008
11 I now live in Australia
12 I gave birth to our second daughter and only son in Australia
13 I have lived in Australia for 23 years
14 We have moved house 12 times in Australia
15 I have lived in the country for 15 years
16 I love living in the country and dislike the city
17 I have four brothers
18 I am the youngest of five siblings
19 I have 1 brother in England, 2 brothers in South Africa and 1 brother in Australia
20 The Machinist has no siblings, one aunt, one cousin. He is an only child. Unlike me.
21 I have no nieces or nephews
22 My parents live less than 500m away from me
23 I have 5 living aunts and uncles out of 14 on my mam’s side of the family
24 I have 0 living aunts and uncles out of 2 on my dad’s side of the family
25 I have 9 living cousins out of 11 on my mam’s side of the family
26 I have 3 living cousins out of 3 on my dad’s side of the family
27 Genealogy is one of my hobbies
28 I have 2 pet dogs, 2 pet cats, 2 pet hens and a horse
29 I would probably have more pets if the opportunity arose – including miniature pigs
30 I still have a British accent

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