Wednesday 7 January 2009

It's ON!

The Machinist, eldest daughter, Emma and I are on a diet together. We are on the same plan. This is a first in our family, and there is a sense of relief on my part, because in past times, whenever we've dieted, I've had to think of different plans for different people and always feel that I am chasing my tail, letting somebody down if I haven't prepared or bought a special foodstuff. It's always been hard enough thinking about my own efforts towards weight loss, never mind being responsible for others. The difference now is that each of us know what and when and how, can simply get on with the business of losing and we can share about bodily function and actually relate!

Oh, and seeing as we are all so darn competitive, well, let me just say, it won't be me, buddies. You may think it will be, but it won't. I'm persevering on this while my body rearranges itself!

Bring it on!


The Pink Cowboy said...

Howdy! I recently wrote a little piece on weight loss. So I can easily relate to the way you feel. I am now trying magical spells to see if I can keep the sweets out of my mouth (OK, I am joking but you never know what might help). Anyways, Thank you for visiting my blog. You can stop by anytime you like. There's some café con leche on the stove, so help yourself.

emilyclare said...

I have every confidence that this will be a sucess for both of you, and well, may the best outcome be that you both feel healthier and happier (which always comes in different shapes).

What an absolute pleasure it was finally meeting you!


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