Saturday 3 January 2009


In all my years, today was the first time I have eaten at a gen-u-ine Chinese restaurant. I hesitate to call it a restaurant, though, as it was more of a family and extended family eating house. For simply ages, the appearance of red bodied ducks (and other unidentified meat), hanging in the window on butchers hooks had put me off even trying Chinese food. Our Aussie Chinese friend put all those fears-of-the-unknown-allegedly-edible creatures to rest.

So impressed was the Machinist and I that after our meal (which left us amply satisfied, but not stodgy-full) we went shopping at the Asian supermarket next door.

On advice and full recipe details from my friend, Mr Doon, my purchases included:

Jasmine loose leaf tea
Sweet Chilli Sauce For Chicken
Won Ton Soup Base Mix
Chicken Bouillon Powder
Hoisin Sauce
Plum Sauce
Mixed Ginger Pickles
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Char Siu Sauce

Oh, and as a fragrant addition - Sandalwood Soap - Bee & Flower Brand!

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