Thursday 29 January 2009

Alan Marshall

After an early morning painting session, the girls and I got ready to spend the day in town. Lots of errands and grocery shopping had to be done. It was one of those days that we were able to squeeze in a few simple pleasures, like a visit to "Memory Lane", one of our favourite haunts. We all found treasures! My delight was in the discovery of a book on Quotations, compiled by Fred Metcalf. And furthermore - "The Complete Stories of Alan Marshall" by - you guessed it - Alan Marshall - 1902 to 1984:

Alan Marshall was born in 1902 at Noorat in the Western District of Victoria. He died in 1984 at the age of 82. When he was six he constracted infantile polio and walked on crutches from that time onwards. He is best known for his autobiographical novel, 'I Can Jump Puddles', which was made into a film and has been published in 28 countries. In 1972 Alan Marshall was awarded the OBE for his services to handicapped people. He received the Order of Australia for his services to literature in 1981.
A Scene from I Can Jump Puddles, by Alan Marshall
Memory Lane sure is a treasure trove of the odd and curious finds...

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